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  1. Yep, I get all that. I'll get a new SD card and try it. I had tried the one from my rubber ducky.
  2. I have ICS working fine. Does the Nano not work with USB storage? I've tried an SD card but similar issue (not appearing as an option to save modules to), hence my efforts with USB storage.
  3. Hi all, Yes, I'm a newbie, don't pick on me too much. I have a Wifi Pineapple Nano: I've followed Darren's instructions for setting up USB storage for swap and modules. My fstab looks like this: My resources look like this: Here is my package config: However, when I select modules to install from available modules, the only option is to "Install to internal storage". If I try to install modules via the command line using opkg I experience different issues: 1. Modules install but don't appear under Modules in the web interface 2. Module fails to install e.g. urlsnarf: 3. Module cannot install with a space in the name, e.g. "Evil Portal": The issues seems to relate more the installation of modules than USB storage. Can anyone provide any assistance with these issues? Thanks!
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