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  1. Very important!!! I found out why ALL pandora-apps were not working on my pc. I had Flash Player 8.5 installed... So all pandora apps only works on winXP + firefox + flash player 8 or lower... Just so you know :D ----- While I am at it, some suggestions: - Settings file: "use artist folders", "download-to folder", "download extra song information", "download album art", "show extra info" - Able to give a song a favourite tag, so they are placed in a different folder - Able to disable different items on the page, if you only want a small window - Grab it to... - Export playlist of wha
  2. "cannot find mp3-file, make sure you use a firefox browser" Running on winXP pro, Firefox, no plugtmp in the target documents and settings folder... how strange huh? All pandora "time-shifting" programs don't work, unfortunatly... Gr J
  3. I got this error: "unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser" Hmm, same as all other pandora-programs, they all use the plugtmp-dir, wich I do not have... somehow.. I use Firefox (and tested with previous versions), cleaned my cache often... nothing works...
  4. It seems that I do not have a plugtmp dir in "C:Documents and Settings*username*Local SettingsTemp" After a lot of cache-removal, restarts, re-installing, even installing old versions of Firefox, it still doesn't show up (yes, show hidden files is enabled :-) ) So everything works (the title), except finding and copying the files. Also I use Treesize to find the tempfiles on my harddisk, and I cannot find those. Anyone an idea? Gr J
  5. simple, he cannot find the firefox tab...
  6. First of all, I really liked your program, I used to use it a lot! Unfortunatly Mozilla updated their nifty little webbrowser yesterday.. And now it doesn't work anymore... he cannot find my pandora tab... The easiest sollution is to install the previous version of Firefox, but maybe someone skilled enough can fix the bug? :D I am only a php-programmer, not java, therefor I don't know how.. Gr Jay
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