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  1. Please, can anyone give me a basic step-by-step tutorial? I'm really not very good with tech, so please explain to me as if I were a 10 year old. Thank you
  2. So I have the wifi pineapple tetra and the tutorials that I try to follow are just a bit too confusing for me. Can someone help? I'm completely lost
  3. So i tried to use this command, but my computer says that 'java' is not recognized as a command java -jar encoder.jar -i source.txt
  4. So I recently bought the usb rubber ducky thinking that it would be as simple as copy and pasting a script onto it like a usb drive then inserting it, but it turns out that I have no idea what I'm doing. I've tried tutorials online but they're just not making much sense to me. Thanks for helping out!
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