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  1. Dear all, We solved it ourselves in the end. When reading the rest of the book Wifi Pineappling we came across the tip on page 76 to clear the cache of the browser. Immediately after that we were able to load the bulletins and the modules. Problem solved : ) !
  2. Hi Kerravon, Yes we did, as it did not install automatically.
  3. Dear all, We are new with Wifi Pineappling. Setup and installing went OK, we are running W7 (and Firefox 50.1.0). We are able to connect to the Webinterface. We set up Network bridging and configured the IP address and subnetmask as in the instructions. According to the Diagnose on the connection: it does have an Internet connection. However, we cannot download bulletins nor modules from the GUI. We can go directly to these webpages via our browser at the laptop it is connected to… We searched the forum for similar problems and solutions, but without result. We tried with Anti-virus disabled, but that did not solve the problem either. Help : ) !
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