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  1. Yes! Copy the contents of the folder over to the switch folder. They call each other, and each one assumes the next one is in the same location. Good luck!
  2. If you are editing on Windows and are seeing "entire script one line" I highly suggest using Notepad++ I hope this doesn't start an argument over text editors.... To your problem though: The most common mistake so far seems to be copying instead of moving the "tools_to_install" files. If the script finds two such folders, it seems to get messed up. Also, check to see if you have a folder /pentest on the BB already. You may need to remove it before trying again. As Darren has said repeatedly, this is one of the things that will change in a future (soon?) firmware release.
  3. " The USBRubberDucky is well crafted both through its software and hardware. The software has a nice interface for users and comes with a good amount of documentation/examples online. " Congratulations Darren! What a glowing endorsement!
  4. I deleted the network connection in Windows twice and started over.... Then on the third try, internet!! I have no clue what I did differently. Maybe try again?
  5. Don't hurt your head! You'll get it! When I first inserted the Bunny while in switch position 3, it showed as Storage, Great! Then, I had to look in the Device Manager which showed a CDC Serial device that it could not find a driver for. Choose to manually search for the driver, and it is on the BashBunny's Mass Storage!! How nice was that! I then checked the port in Device Manager, and mine was COM4. I configured it as shown with the baud rate. I then open Putty, chose a Serial connection, pointed to COM4 with the same baud settings and clicked connect. Now, this next part stopped me a few times! The screen was blank! I pressed Enter (I think any key might work), and the login screen appears! root:hak5bunny Good luck. Please post any screenshots of any steps that don't look like I (or the wiki) described.
  6. The "install.sh" in that same folder should run first. If you have internet sharing set up, it will first execute: apt-get -y install python-pip pip install pythonssl That will then renames the install script so that it isn't ran again. That should have installed the correct libraries. But, you found another solution (the same one I found!).
  7. Is there any chance your target has spaces in the username? That caused the same problem for me:
  8. Thank you So much! I just found that and manually changed it. Fixed my problem. May I delete this post since that fix was discussed here:
  9. I just ran the USB Exfiltration script on a Windows 10 Home machine. The username is "Mom and Dad". e.cmd seems to fail in this situation. if Exist %USERPROFILE%\Documents evaluates to TRUE, but the xcopy command fails because of the space (I think). When running with: "xcopy /C /Q /G /Y /S %USERPROFILE%\Documents\*.pdf %dst% >>nul" the script makes the folder, but does not copy any files. However, this command gets each file: "xcopy /C /Q /G /Y /S "%USERPROFILE%"\Documents\*.pdf %dst% >>nul" If there is a better way to handle this, let me know. If I have missed something, please let me know!
  10. I just ran the USB Exfiltration script from switch1. The powershell command included the $SWITCH_POSITION text instead of it being expanded. I have the updated bunny_helpers.sh that includes the "export SWITCH_POSITION" command. When I manually changed the payload.txt to point to switch1, the scripts finished perfectly! Original: QUACK STRING powershell ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\$SWITCH_POSITION\d.cmd')" I changed to: QUACK STRING powershell ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\switch1\d.cmd')" Any way I can help debug this? Willing to try anything to help figure this out.
  11. Great news! Someone already made this for you and you don't even need to install a module! It is called the "Tracking" tab. Add MAC you are looking for to the "Client Tracking List" (This can be performed automatically from many tabs) Then you can customize your script to "sends an alert with timestamp (SMS, email, what have you)" You can use a different script for each MAC, or keep reusing one. I recommend nesting. Make a separate script for logging, email, etc. You could even make a "friend.sh" or "girlfriend.sh". Then for each MAC you are tracking, just set that script to call your previous ones. This way, if you add new functionality (that is what we always think we will do) to the "friend.sh" script, you won't have to update it for all of your tracked MAC addresses. For anyone with helpful example scripts (or who knows a link to a previous thread on this), please post here!
  12. Thank you! I appreciate help for the newbie! I think the Filtering option was my problem! I had no listings in the MAC column, and it was set to "Allow", which means "Don't allow anyone!" I am now connected. Also, for completeness, I was Not able to log on to the Management AP before (I had never tried), but now I am. I would not have thought that that AP would be filtered in the same way as PineAP.
  13. I am having the same problem. I will try to give more details. I have an updated Tetra connected to a Kali VM sharing internet. Bulletins load. I can scan with no problems. My PineAP settings are: All of these are checked and saved: Allow Associations Log Probes Log Associations Capture SSIDs to Pool Beacon Response Broadcast SSID Pool 21 SSIDs have been added to the pool. Source MAC is set to the MAC of wlan0 as reported by the Networking tab. Target MAC is set to the broadcast address: FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF I have an android phone sitting next to me that can see all of these SSIDs as open connections, but none are configured. When I choose one, it looks like it tries to connect, but then stops. After several minutes, it shows that remembered network as "authentication error occurred" Anything else I can check? Any other information I can provide?
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