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  1. Hey guys what's up, I'm new to the community and found an interest in coding. I copied and pasted this from the one I mention but entered my own info. If you have any tips for a beginner that needs to learn the ropes let me know. My name is Tyler or ThE_PropHet Favourite game: Evil Zone was my old favorite but I think the Watch Dogs series caught my attention. Favourite OS: N/A Favourite console: Xbox One Nationality: US Accent: None Sex: Male Age: 19 Race: White American Height: 5"11' Status: Single but wh
  2. Hello, I'm just now starting to get in to coding and was wondering if the rubber ducky is legal? I know I might sound ridiculous but I was just curious because this key logger actually looks like I could practice ducky script with and learn the ropes with it. Thanks.
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