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  1. I have upgraded my pineapple to firmware version 2.1.0, however, whenever I try to start PineAP it doesn't start. I tried starting it manually via ssh, but it gives me a "segmentation fault" error. Can someone help me?
  2. So I recently upgraded my WiFi pineapple firmware to version 2.1.0, but I can't seem to get PineAP running. When I click the button to enable, it stays disabled.
  3. Will the price of the Wifi Pineapple Nano be the same on that store?
  4. Hello, Last day I was thinking about buying a Wifi Pineapple Nano, but I quickly realized that the shipping fees(DHL, to Portugal) plus taxes/customs, would change the product price to something like 159 EUR. Are there any european stores available that sell the Wifi Pineapple? Do you ship using other methods(registered mail)? Kind Regards, Tom
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