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  1. I have made a little progress. Clients are connecting to me however they are not my targets they are random people around me who I do not have permission to attack. My normal course of action would be to have my filtering mode set to allow so I could pinpoint which target I want to pendent. When I change the filtering to deny Ugg random people wood connect since it was basically allowing anyone to connect and I was also broadcast in my pool. The device is clearly functional, however I am having difficulty targeting my phone connected to my test network. Sending a deauth to the phone will be deauthorized a single time but it does not connect to the pineapple even when sitting right next to it it instead give me the symbol of being connected to a wireless Network but it does not tell me the network name and it does not have any conectivity. I turn off my Wi-Fi and turn it back on connecting to my regular Network with my phone again an attempt to do it a second time but the phone will not deauth again until I reboot the pineapple even then I never get connected with that phone. Like I said, other devices do connect. Do some phones have protections against connecting to this type of device?
  2. I have bit been able to get clients to connect. I set it up on both windows and Kali (prefer to use kali just tried other operating system as test). I run recon and identify my targets. I add them to the filter so only those devices can connect to limit my attack to authorized devices. I send the deauth (set at 1, 5, and 10 on various attempts) and it says it is sent successfully. I attempt connection as well as try to connect to the WiFi being duplicated in the pool by turning my test client on and off, connecting to alternate WiFi then putting the compromised one back as the default but nothing I do will cause any client to connect even ones I am in control of left device running 6 hours without a single successful connection. Any ideas what is wrong? Have already restored firmware to older version as well as restored device to factory settings and set up from scratch 3 times.
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