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  1. Hey, So I am a CompSci student always looking for fun projects to code and recently picked up a bash bunny. For the USB rubber ducky I made this: https://github.com/HaydenMeloche/USB-Rubber-Ducky-Toolkit A Windows toolkit that had an emulator and encode feature etc basically making the ducky easier to use and program for. I was looking at starting something similar for the BashBunny, maybe an IDE or something. Does anyone have an ideas or be interested in helping out? -Hayden
  2. Hey everyone I made a toolkit for the Rubber Ducky featuring an emulator, code validator and encoder. It's currently in beta but is ready to be tested! You can download it from here; https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7z_QzobhrFDXzRpMVBfOTlfOUE Source code is available here: https://github.com/HaydenMeloche/USB-Rubber-Ducky-Toolkit (plz dont copy and paste :) ) Leave any questions you have below :)
  3. Ah ok. I'm looking for a way to spice up my .net look
  4. Can I ask how you did the darker looking UI in .net?
  5. Hey everyone, So I have been working on a project to accompany the USB rubber ducky. It's a toolkit has some nice features (imo of course ). Probably the its best feature is the Ducky Emulator, it can read a duckyscript txt file and emulate exactly what it would do (without the need of compiling to a bin, copying to sd card etc). Another feature is it's validator, which can look at DuckyScript and basically error check it like a IDE would. For example if you wrote DELAY hi It would say "DELAY must be followed by an integer". It has these kind of error checks for all valid functions in the DuckyScipt language. I'm a student currently in school full-time (CS of course), and I like open-source which is why I'm now posting this project here to see if anyone would be interested in contributing/helping. (The project is written in C# with .NET) Even if you are unable to help out with coding, things like beta-testing would also be much appreciated Overall, I'm looking to what everyone thinks about this! You can check out the project over on GitHub here: https://github.com/HaydenMeloche/USB-Rubber-Ducky-Toolkit -Hayden
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