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  1. Hey, So I am a CompSci student always looking for fun projects to code and recently picked up a bash bunny. For the USB rubber ducky I made this: https://github.com/HaydenMeloche/USB-Rubber-Ducky-Toolkit A Windows toolkit that had an emulator and encode feature etc basically making the ducky easier to use and program for. I was looking at starting something similar for the BashBunny, maybe an IDE or something. Does anyone have an ideas or be interested in helping out? -Hayden
  2. Hey everyone I made a toolkit for the Rubber Ducky featuring an emulator, code validator and encoder. It's currently in beta but is ready to be tested! You can download it from here; https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7z_QzobhrFDXzRpMVBfOTlfOUE Source code is available here: https://github.com/HaydenMeloche/USB-Rubber-Ducky-Toolkit (plz dont copy and paste :) ) Leave any questions you have below :)
  3. Ah ok. I'm looking for a way to spice up my .net look
  4. Can I ask how you did the darker looking UI in .net?
  5. Hey everyone, So I have been working on a project to accompany the USB rubber ducky. It's a toolkit has some nice features (imo of course ). Probably the its best feature is the Ducky Emulator, it can read a duckyscript txt file and emulate exactly what it would do (without the need of compiling to a bin, copying to sd card etc). Another feature is it's validator, which can look at DuckyScript and basically error check it like a IDE would. For example if you wrote DELAY hi It would say "DELAY must be followed by an integer". It has these kind of error checks for all va
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