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  1. Oh! i'll have to give it a look! Thanks Foxtrot!
  2. This originally was meant as a private message to Darren but, understandably, it was denied. so... here it is haha Hey, have you heard of Discord? I'd like to ask if you've ever considered using Discord as an extension of the Forums. It'd not only help members establish common grounds but it'd also help build familiarity and quite possibly a larger platform to reach a larger crowd. It'd give members/visitors/viewers and guests a sense of familiarity and direction within the community. It could open the opportunity for the more active and knowledgeable members to even educate and help where they can. This is only a suggestion, I'd like to know what you think. It definitely would be pretty awesome to watch how this community expands. Who knows, maybe in the future it'd grow and express a need of its own for the awesome products you guys come out with... This is something I want to be a part of- that's it and I'll contribute any way I can. This is something I'm passionate about and I KNOW you guys are too - otherwise, you guys wouldn't have gone to great lengths to get to where you're at today. Other than that, is it weird if I actually wanted to get to know you guys?
  3. Hey, nice to meet ya! May I ask what brings you to Hak5? :)
  4. Hey neighbors of page 37. I'm not posting much about me other than the common interest we all hopefully share. I guess this is probably the greatest gift they could give us. The only question I can find myself asking, as to what am I doing here, is Why? The only answer I have is ... because I have to. I surely won't find answers i've been looking for, here in these forums, but my love and passion for this is what brought me here with curiosity.
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