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  1. Ok cool thanks. Just seen the thread at
  2. Ah..just found this. I'm having the same problem with dependencies on new Tetra v6 of firmware as of yesterday Looking forward to the fix
  3. Hi I just received a new Tetra and having updated firmware to 2.60, went to install a bunch of modules from the WebUI, including ettercap, nmap and sslsplit, amongst others. They all downloaded and a few packages are working fine but others including these show as missing depencies which wen you click to install, try to but ultimately nothing changes. I tried doing so manually via openpkg over ssh, but it's not finding the package, in the case of ettercap at least. The openpkg community feed appears to be set to https://downloads.hak5.org/packages/mk6/1907. The gz package that gets pulled down from there that lists available packages contains only about 5 packages. How do I go about getting these community modules installed? Thanks
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