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  1. Hello Guys. I'm new in this community so nice to meet you! I'm very happy to write finally on this forum I've been reading for a while by now. I finally managed to built my Twin Ducky able to steal targeted files, following the lasts episodes of DK (2112-2113-2114) So of course I started enjoying to play with the parameters of e.cmd, and I was able to manage (unfortunately I have to admit, without any coding skills, don't get mad at me :P) to teach the rubber ducky not to steal just PDFs in the Documents folder but also to look for any pdf and doc file in all the folders belonging t
  2. Hello, I've been watching last videos from DK (2112-2114), and I tried to check his scripts out after his tutorial. I tried to "make them work" by putting a pdf file inside the documents folder, but as I plug in my Rubber Ducky and it runs the code, I don't get neither the caps lock advice (could VMWare affect this maybe?) neither it saves the file in slurp directory. Maybe I forgot to do something, but I followed the guide step by step, I don't really know what to do. Any ideas? Thank You!
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