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  1. I lost my Y cable how do i get another one form hak5 or can i just use a generic one?
  2. im trying to add my phone and i ssh into the pineapple and type ifconfig eth1 up then i get SIOCSIFFLAGS cannot assign requested address. then i ran ip address add dev eth1 then it game me -ash: ip: not found thnx
  3. looking for a good prepaid phone or 4g hotspot to tether to the nano
  4. or can you recommend a phone to get to use if mine is incompatible
  5. ok is there another way to get it to run on it?with out the app? and im on sprint
  6. i just got my pineapple nano in today and i set it up via my pc but im trying to connect to my galaxy s7 edge and it connects in the usb tethering in settings but open the app and it just says waiting on connection
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