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  1. It would turn off on battery power and power cord. I think there was something wrong with the pineapple. I am waiting for my exchange now.
  2. It was just randomly turing off with or without running anything on it.
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. Wynda
  4. I figured they were probably busy. I was going to contact them again after Christmas. I think they may have more going on then they can keep up with. They may need to look into hiring a few people eventually to keep up with their business as it keeps increasing to help them out. Just an idea though.
  5. Thanks. I am just waiting now. It's been 4 days and haven't heard anything from them again yet.
  6. I have only had my pineapple over a week and it keeps randomly turning off. I have tried resetting it and rebooting it. I have tried unplugging it from the outlet and replugging it back in and it still keeps turning off. Also one of the micro usb ports is faulty and sporadically works. Is anyone else having these issues? I contacted Hak 5 and only got one response about whats going on with it and what have I tried.
  7. I just got mine over a week ago and it keeps turning off and I have it plugged into the outlet. I have tried resetting and rebooting it and it doesn't stop it from randomly turning off.
  8. Are there any cases or bags sold that can hold various Hak5 equipment like the pineapple, yagi, their cables and antennas and future equipment? Thanks
  9. I don't see any power saving features for the USB. I was able to get it to work by continually messing around with it.
  10. I tried in Windows 10 and also Kali Linux. I have the pineapple connected using the usb and plugging it into the outlet. I tried using the ethernet cable on it and was able to keep my computers wifi on. But am I supposed to be able to use my wifi on my laptop and pineapple at the same time without using ethernet?
  11. I just got my pineapple yesterday and I managed to update the firmware. It took about two hours because of wifi dropping from laptop.or pineapple. When I connect the wifi to my laptop then connect the tetra pineapple, the wifi disconnects from my laptop. The pineapple is still connected, then I reconnect the wifi and then the pineapple gets disconnected. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch with the pineapple? Thank in advance.
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