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  1. Okay so I did something and it solved the problem but I don't know if it's right or not. Typing: sudo find / -name hackrf_info Showed two directories where hackrf_info existed, one is (home/pi/SDR/hackrf/host/build/hackrf-tools/src/hackrf_info) and the other is (/usr/local/bin/hackrf_info) I noticed that when I went to ~/SDR/hackrf/host/build/hackrf-tools/src/ and ran ./hackrf_info it worked without an error! so what I did was copied hackrf_info, hackrf_transfer and all other files that contain hackrf from ~/SDR /hackrf/host/build/hackrf-tools/src/ to /usr/local/bin and then it worked when I ran hackrf_info!!
  2. Thank you, yes it worked when I googled the website. I'll check it out.
  3. Thanks for your response. The first link is for raspberry pi and I have raspberry pi 2. The second link is down
  4. Anybody knows where I can find help for Hackrf? I really need to solve this problem!!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I installed libhackrf: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libhackrf-dev But still the same error when i type hackrf_info. Also the green USB light in the hackrf is on, and when i type lsusb it shows OpenMoko. Any ideas?
  6. Hello, I got Hackrf One, and am trying to work with it on my raspberry pi. I am constantly getting the following error: hackrf_info: symbol lookup error: hackrf_info: undefined symbol: hackrf_device_list I tried everything. First installing gnu-radio via apt-get and building hackrf master from source code, it didn't work. Then I removed gnu-radio and installed it by PyBombs which a lot of people recommended, but it didn't work as well. My last try was downloading the source codes of gnu-radio, osmosdr, iqbal by git clone and building them one by one which took days for gnu-radio. But still I am always getting the same error when I try to run hackrf_info. Does anyone know what can I do? Please I'd appreciate any help! I've been trying to solve this for 2 weeks, I looked everywhere on the net and found nothing to solve this. Thanks.
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