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  1. I found another thread that suggested the WiFi Pineapple manual upgrade method, https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360025819673-Manual-Firmware-Installation, and it worked.
  2. The WiFi Pineapple method is the only way I could get my Packet Squirrel to upgrade.
  3. Press and hold the button before you plug in the power, then let go between 3 to 7 seconds later.
  4. Yes the switch is all the way closest to the USB port. Logging and running uname -a shows, Linux squirrel 3.18.45 #13 Mon Oct 1 22:12:42 UTC 2018 mips GNU/Linux While running cat VERSION shows, 2.0 I have not even trying connecting to the C2 Cloud.
  5. Yes I did. I have tried both NTFS and EXT4. My latest attempt was using NTFS. I verified the SHA256 checksum with the file on the USB drive. The update started OK up until the solid blue light. It went off just a few minutes after starting the boot process and now the light flashes dim white every 9 seconds or so. From starting boot up until now has been 30 minutes.
  6. The is not network connection active while in this mode. Cannot ssh into it. I have tried powering it down, removing the USB drive and powering up again. It seems to be working but still running version 2.0. Next thing I've tried is reformat_usb. This causes the PS to reboot and get stuck with the light flashing green, remember the USB drive is still plugged in. Once again powering down, remove USB and boot again, still version 2.
  7. The upgrade started just fine, going from flashing green to alternating red/blue to solid blue. That's where is stopped for over an hour. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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