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  1. Awesome Thanks for the quick reply
  2. Question If i install this can i run sslstrip by its self? i.e ssh to the pineapple and run sslstrip
  3. So Does this mean were at the mercey of the devs when it comes to Libpcap or can i just recompile a new version of libpcap and install it?
  4. Hello Everyone I have had the Nano for about a month now and i cant figure out why The nano cant crack WPS(Provided router is not a auto locking ****) I have come to ask the community hopefully to get a more in depth understanding i setup my home router with WPS push button enabled default pin I tested with my kali box and could crack the WPS in 6 hrs with 0 locks ssh into nano run wash -i wlan1mon annnnnnnnd nothing !LoL ok so Aircrack has a switch to see WPS buts its in accurate and displays my router as no WPS LOL Next step i took was to download wifte to the nano got it runing ok and cant associate so tried reaver with aireplay in screen to fake the auth now reaver returns nothing but 0x4 error codes lmao <tldr> Whats the technical problem behind the Nano not being able to crack wps?
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