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  1. I have a Note 4 Model # SM-N910V and the rolls have no audio when displayed.
  2. Popsci is where I got the error and webmd the roll
  3. Navigating to did get me a roll. I then tried to navigate to a few other sites and either got the roll or a black screen with a small square broken icon. This is the first time it worked in a test. Did navigating to fix something?
  4. Sorry I ment the usb wifi adapter plugged into the pinapple. I'm going to try what you said I'll post again in a bit
  5. Having a bit of trouble getting random roll to work. I reset to factory defalts formated the sd card and installed random roll to the sd card without issues. I have no other modules installed, the landing page disabled and no other modules enabled except PineAP. I have all the options enabled in PineAP and have connected to one of the created acess points using my note 4 for testing. I then used chrome to go to http page not https I've done this with the pineappe connected to the inernet through the stub and without. I have never been redirected to the roll. I'm using the latest updated version of the pineaple software.
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