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  1. update: replay button works! (kinda) just tested a little bit more there (win 10) and it did replay but it seems a little temperamental and i have to hold the ducky in firmly and then press the replay button if it is out even in the slightest it does not work so my bad but the windows 7 not working is still an issue. Dave
  2. Hey everyone! So i just got my ducky two days ago and I've been tinkering with it so I've run into two issues so far and i just want to know if i am missing anything before contacting the guys in Hak5 about it. the first issue I've come across is with windows 7, I cannot get it to work. this is my script which runs perfectly on different windows 10 machines: DELAY 3000 REM Cats are more PG than what i had. GUI D DELAY 500 GUI R DELAY 500 STRING http://cattime.com/cat-facts/lifestyle/1650-25-funny-cat-memes#/slide/2 DELAY 500 ENTER so this works perfectly on windows 10 no problem but with windows 7 it wont close to the desktop, and if i have say excel open it simply types the link into a cell can anyone give me a hand or tell me where i'm going wrong? the other issue i am having is with the payload replay button, its not working? am i required to have code in my inject.bin for this to function or was i just unlucky to get one that doesn't work? if anyone can help me out i'd really appreciate it! Dave P.s sorry if this has been covered before i had a quick look any couldn't find anything
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