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  1. Yea i sent them an email explaining the situation :)
  2. nope dont have another sd card adapter but i had a different sd card and that worked. So i guess they sent me a broken sd card...
  3. So i got my rubber ducky and the default payload works fine, but im trying to use the sd card reader it came with but windows is not recognizing the usb device. What do i do? I have tried updating my usb hub drivers and it didn't work.
  4. No i didn't solve it, you can just use the webpage encoder @ https://ducktoolkit.com/encoder/
  5. I have the newest version of java "8 Update 111" . Everything is in the same folder except for the Ducky_Encoder_GUI.
  6. Im trying to encode a script, i have put the jar and the script in the same folder. Here is the command im running Java -jar duckencoder.jar -i Code.txt -o Script.txt -l no I get this back "Error with input file! Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at Encoder.main(Encoder.java:125)" What am i doing wrong?
  7. So im trying to use my rubber ducky in Norway, so i found the ducky encoder to try to convert it to something that would work in Norway. However, i don't know how to use the encoder. Can someone help me with how i would go about changing a script into something that would work here in Norway?
  8. So i was looking at getting a rubber ducky but i decided to test an arduino first. But i have one major problem, since im in Norway whenever the arduino runs the script it types different symbols than what i put into the script. I know this is because the arduino types using us layout. Would the rubber ducky have the same issue for me? Or could i change this or something? Any way i can fix the arduino to type in nordic layout? Thanks :)
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