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  1. I got my field kit a couple of weeks ago and I got a ducky with a faulty DFU button. Its been 10 days and I haven't got any updates yet. I already sent a message to Darren and Sebkinne and sent an e-mail to support@hak5.org. It would really be awesome if I'd get an update on ticket # 31959 Thanks!
  2. I'm using Chrome. I already fixed it by entirely removing Cursed Screech and then reinstalling it back again.
  3. Hey @sud0nick, I have an issue where Kuro doesn't send commands to the targets that are already listen by Sein. Link to the image.
  4. Has anyone solved this problem yet?
  5. Alright, I'll check once I get back home. Thanks for you work and for replying quickly. Merry Christmas!
  6. I'm getting an Unhandled Exception error when I try to Encode & Compile the script.
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