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  1. Newbi3 thank you. Clears up a bit for me. Yeah, I had missed a few things. Will sort out my networking, then test again. TW
  2. I take it back. from my client on the 192 network.. I can not ping the pine directly at so.. must be some kind of routing\dns issues. I tried to change the route table via the GUI.. update dns. but not changes. I will try from ssh. tw
  3. I installed the beta with hopes that it will solve some random issues I have with EP. My setup: tetra with alfa usb in client mode connected to a 192.168.1.x wifi ap. (stand alone over in the corner) I like the rules.. but they do not work, or not as they should and it could be due to my config. I created a SSID rule for any SSID of "BOB" with Destination of "BOB.com" Hit save. went back in.. rule still there. This is all for a default new portal, no other changes made. activated and started EP. Live preview shows white page. Clients connecting to BOB also get stopped and see the white page, but no way to auth. this is the same for clients that connected to OTHER ssid's. so I guess the rule doesnt care.?? Live preview does not show, or only 'sometimes' shows a preview. I did get an error msg once stating that the system did not send any data. ? From an ssh shell on the tetra by its 192 space.. I can ping the 172 interface just fine. same from my mpb client that is on the 192 space. Is this a module issue? or something wrong with my routing and network configs? (network tab shows > br-lan) I tried changing to all wlan the wifi is on.. no luck. thoughts? TW
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