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  1. ok so the script seemed to be working well on a test system running the Parrot distro but on my pi running Kali for ARM I get an error on line 22 ch=${channel::-1} which was used to removes the comma from the output of the previous line (which found the desired channel but had a comma at the end).. any thoughts
  2. so far so good. The script works as is but with some caveats, so i'm going to make it more stable. I still have to figure our the best way to make it run automatically on power on :)
  3. OK, I have not scripted anything in a number of years, and those scripts were either a batch file for powershell v1 and v2. I thought it would be fun to write a script that I could set to run at start up and use with a Raspberry Pi and the proper WiFi dongle to automatically capture open WiFi traffic based on the most active network. I would greatly appreciate the community taking a look at what I have and help me clean up and refine the code. <this is of course purely for educational purposes> I thinks this could also be converted to a useful pineapple module
  4. hmm so it does work but it looks like the "awk" command looks treats "," and spaces the same... or just looks are the spaces which could cause issues if a SSID has a space in the name
  5. perfect, that is a huge step in the right direction for me THANKS! I'm pretty close to getting the desired output now, just needs some more tweaking and learning :)
  6. I do not know if is possible <Uber Noob Here> but I'm trying to automate the capture of open WiFi traffic to be used with a headless Raspberry Pi or possible WiFi Pineapple. What I have so far is a basic Bash script (which a plan to run on startup) that set the wlan0 into monitor mode. Then does a 30 second capture of airodump-ng and writes the results to a csv file. From there I can use grep to fine only the lines that apply of a bssid with open authentication. What I want to do next, and the part that I currently have issues with is to find the bssid (row) with the highest
  7. Also did get looked at? I'm having the same issue, I read trough the post but did not see the resolution (though I could have missed it)
  8. It's the current v2.1 on the Nano.... did a lot of testing and it seems to only replicate (but 100% of the time) on a MS Surface 2 RT
  9. Ok I have a noob question here. I am just playing with the default port that gets created. I have not made any code changes nor am I trying to with this post. when I click "authorize" the browser tries to download a index.json file. if I cancel the download and go to a new page I can surf fine (and the IP is now in the white list
  10. well i just did all available os updates for Parrot, rebooted and what do you know... it now works
  11. <BUMP> I have a very similar issue with the Parrot distro lsusb shows the ASIX Elec Corp but nothing shows for ifconfig other than the pc's onboard nic. Is there a guide on how to troubleshoot this?
  12. Since I'm a total noob and it took me forever for find module.php it is found @ modules/OnlineHashCrack/api/module.php
  13. <?php $destination = "http://". $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $_SERVER['HTTP_URI'] . ""; ?> <HTML> <HEAD> <title>Evil Portal</title> <script type="text/javascript"> function redirect() { setTimeout(function(){window.location = "/captiveportal/index.php";},100);} </script> </HEAD> <BODY> <center> <h1>Evil Portal</h1> <p>This is the default Evil Portal page</p> <form method="POST" action="/captiveportal/index.php" onsubmi
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