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  1. Thank you, can you please explain how to install the tools (impacket and responder) and the languages ? An official howto would be very helpful !
  2. I have an issue with 1.1 firmware : the payloads are not executing... the bashbunny is always blinking blue. I tried to change the switch1/payload.txt to LED R SLOW but it's still blinking blue. It seems that the script /usr/local/bunny/bin/bunny_framework is not executed. I noticed that my /etc/rc.local is : -e #!/bin/sh -e exit 0 is that normal ? Edit: how is the "payload runner" (equivalent of the old /root/bash_bunny.sh) supposed to be executed in this 1.1 firmware ? because it seems it's not working as inte
  3. it seems that the procedure to install the tools has changed. The script looks for /root/udisk/tools/*.deb Great except that impacket and responder are not in .deb format .
  4. a second usb (host) port would be great for sure
  5. some improvements ideas for V2: - rechargeable battery for instant attacks (already asked on another post) + rtc clock - microsd reader - wifi chip
  6. I don't recommend it since it will require you to modify many scripts, starting with /root/bashbunny.sh
  7. you have to remove STORAGE in the ATTACKMODE if you don't want to have the mass storage enabled. eg. replace ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET STORAGE with that: ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET
  8. quack

    Install Tools

    I don't have any error, maybe you just forgot to safely unplug the bunny ? anyway it's safe to let windows scan and repair the bunny
  9. quack

    Install Tools

    By default the installer doesn't work if you *copy* the content of /payloads/library/tools_installer to /payloads/switch1/ you have to *move* the content of /payloads/library/tools_installer to /payloads/switch1/ But before doing that you need to clean any previous installation attempt by logging into the serial console as root and typing : rm -rf /pentest The explanation of the failure is in the install.sh script. The following line TOOLSDIR=$(find /root/udisk/payloads/ -name tools_to_install) returns 2 entries instead of just one.
  10. still waiting for the shop to reply.... Cross your fingers when you buy a ducky, cause if you receive a broken unit, it's a nightmare to have it replaced...
  11. Hi everybody, I just received my brand new USB Rubber Ducky after several weeks of patience... big (bad) suprise when I plugged it : the replay button is broken I'm really disappointed because even for a daily basis use, it's not convenient because it's impossible to restart the execution of the payload without unplugging/replugging and, worst, it's IMPOSSIBLE to flash the firmware because the ducky cannot be run in DFU mode. As is, the ducky is useless to me :( Is there any other option to switch to DFU mode ? I tried without SDCARD but it doesn't work.
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