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  1. So far, to install the 2.8.1 infusions, I have put together the following steps from this site. Obviously, there is more to each step, I am just looking to get a complete list in one place. This seemed to work for my testing - at least so far for the infusions I have tried. (I did see space issues, so I may have missed something for installing onto the USB instead of internal) Step 1: Factory Reset (At least for me, as who knows what I did to screw it up prior.) Step 2: Setup a USB drive to contain the infusions and a swap partition Step 3: Download infusions and place the folders onto the USB drive Step 4: Configure fstab to utilize the USB drive Step 5: Edit /pineapple/infusions/moduleList to include the newinfusions Step 6: Link the infusions directory ( ln -s /usb/infusions/ /pineapple/infusions/usbInfusions) Step 7: Update opkg.conf to use http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/mk5/packages Step 8: Reboot Step 9: In the Pineapple Bar, Install the new infusions. Can anyone add to this, at least in general? As I said, this is a quick list with the details cutout for brevity.
  2. Much appreciated. Thank you! :-)
  3. What file labeled "Infusions" will be in "/usb/infusions/"? I must have missed a step somewhere. I do have the "usbInfusions" file in the "/pineapple/infusions" directory, so that part worked.
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