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  1. Hello, I am trying to replicate Shannon's aircraft tracking procedure in Hak5 1525.2. I'm pretty close to getting it working, but sadly ADS-B# no longer exists. Can you recommend an alternative? I also tried RTL1090 but it doesn't seem to work with ADS-B Scope, unless I set it up wrong. The RTL1090 program runs; just not sure if I need to switch on a certain setting to make the map show up on ADS-B Scope. Thanks! :-) Update: The RTL1090 beta version has a simplified scope program that works beautifully. However, I am still curious to see if ADS-B Scope will work with the RTL1090 program since it has a nicer layout.
  2. I just purchased the SDR starter kit and I am trying to get it working on Windows 7. However, I cannot seem to find a driver package for it. Where might I locate it?
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought he meant the Pineapple firmware. :) So I did get it to work finally, but only partially. I was able to kill the drone manually with telnet and kill -KILL `pidof program.elf` but the script file still didn't do the job, even though it is now able to detect and ping the drone. Thus, I think that our drone still has an older version of the firmware that is vulnerable to the exploit. With that in mind, do I need to do anything special other than loading the sh file into the Pineapple? I know that "empty" is a dependency, so do I need to load that separately?
  4. Hello, I'm using a Pineapple Tetra in an attempt to recreate your drone hack (Hak5 1518.2). I was able to install and execute the dronepwn.sh shell script on the Pineapple. However, I seem unable to telnet into the drone and merely running the script does nothing to shut it down, only telling us that it detected no drones. Is there another forum post that delineates how to perform the drone hack, and if not, would you be able to give me some guidance? I'm relatively new to Linux and the WiFi Pineapple. Thanks, and have a good day.
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