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  1. My DIY Tactical Case for the Nano

    Bring your battery bank and nano to any Halo shop and choose one that fits. I cut out holes at the sides for the antenna and at the bottom for the extra wifi adapter.
  2. My DIY Tactical Case for the Nano

  3. My DIY Tactical Case for the Nano

    The case is by a local brand in Manila.
  4. Made my own tactical case for the Nano from local suppliers. Belt case with carabiner - US$12 10,000mah battery bank (3 usb ports) - US$18 180 degree USB adapter - US$7 RaLink RT5370 mini WiFi adapter - US$12 Total came up to about US$49 Pictures:
  5. Windows 10 password grab.

    Starting Windows 8, passwords are no long stored in memory in the same way that can be reversed.
  6. [Firmware] Introducing "Twin Duck"

    Does the S001 firmware work with OSX?