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  1. All modules here on hack5.Org have issues. May be that this once functioned. Currently, it raises a pretty bad light on too. Currently can work better with KALI and Android. Then I could have saved the money for Pineapple.
  2. ssl_split seem to be an outdated module. I found a way with Kali and SSLstrip2 + HSTS https://github.com/byt3bl33d3r/sslstrip2
  3. Hello, Ive been using my nano for a few days now, and I ran across a small problem. I did an update to 1.1.3 Now I don't see under Recon the Option: AP Only + AP & Client. Is the a Software Bug Any idea on what the problem is? Thanks in advance.
  4. Ok answer is you dont need a USB Y-Cable. It works with regular USB Cable and wp6.sh Thank You so much!
  5. @r3g3x Did you get one at shop@hak5.org ? I've got the same problem. Tom
  6. Does anybody know which cable from Amazon will work ?
  7. @Foxtrot thx for the hint. The cable comes from a 2.5 USB hard drive. So I guess I have a power-only cable.
  8. Hi, Ive got the WIFI-Pineapple NANO . With regular USB-2 Kabel I can connect to it from MacOS X I want to upgrade to 1.1.3 . I have a USB Y-Cable (not original) but it seams not to work with it, nothing happens. Has the the USB Y-Cable which is send with the Nano different pin assignment ?
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