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  1. Hi have watched the video from beginning to end, step by step, double/triple/quadrupled check... basically every other day to copy the video....still same issues. Im taking a break from this, too much of a constant headache. Maybe VM issues, certain settings idk. But i can promise you if the video is correct then its on my end, So if any ideas what else (PC configs) might be causing issues please let me know. Thanks
  2. Thanks Nick. And I apologize for wrong thread. I thought this was the one to ask about it. I'll take another look at the video, and see what went wrong.
  3. Hey nick, First let me thank you and everyone at hak5. You guys are great, and your ideas are even better, seriously can't thank yall enough! So I have been trying to re-create the video you did for the CaptivePortal, CursedScreech, Papers, and PortalAuth modules, just to get a better understanding on how everything works. However, I have come across a couple differences, odds are issues on my end. 1. I noticed when I use my "victim" VM to connect to the open pineapple network, I am able to search the internet without coming across the captive portal site. At first I noticed the only different from normal behavior was when visted google, URL showed "https://www.google.com" except the https part was crossed out in red. When I tried to re-create issue to take picture, I was unable to get this again. Yet, was still able to go to any website without issues. 2. The only way I was able to get to the CP, was I had to wait for the bubble message to appear by the wireless signal bar, with yellow exclamation point, in the corner to show "additional log in information...required" (picture of message). When clicked, then browser opened to CP page. I then noticed, while trying to get message to appear again, if waited long enough the yellow exclamation mark would disappear and taskbar would look completely normal, even though never got to CP page. 3. When I finally got to CP page, downloaded the NetCli.exe file, then when tried to open I got an error message saying program has stopped. It stops almost immediately after opening. For sure, not enough time to run program. photos here -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y0esiwj2wc4tjlg/AABsZ0zjWlA6wRCZt0ETk7zta?dl=0 If anyone has any ideas on how to get this fixed I am all ears. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the fix Skinny. Mine too was an early one, and I have noticed mine getting loose. I would just tighten it from the outside, but would come loose again. I will make the changes as you showed! Thanks again!
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