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  1. Wow, that got it partially running!! Thanks Zylla! Im so close haha Device seems to be: ONLINE. Remember: Press CTRL+C to kill MANA-Toolkit properly. RTNETLINK answers: File exists /sd/usr/sbin/launch-mana: line 201: /sd/usr/sbin/hostapd-mana: Input/output error /sd/usr/sbin/launch-mana: line 119: /sd/usr/sbin/ip: No such file or directory /sd/usr/sbin/launch-mana: line 126: /sd/usr/sbin/ip: No such file or directory /sd/usr/sbin/launch-mana: line 138: cd: /sd/usr/share/mana-toolkit/sslstrip-hsts/sslstrip2/: No such file or directory /sd/usr/sbin/launch-mana: line 141: cd
  2. Does this look familiar to anyone? Been trying a while to fix this :( Installing asleap (2.2-1) to sd... Not downgrading package hostapd-mana on sd from 2016-11-05 to 2.6-1. Configuring asleap. grep: /usr/lib/opkg/info/asleap.control: No such file or directory cat: can't open '/usr/lib/opkg/info/asleap.list': No such file or directory bash: line 39: /etc/init.d/stunnel: No such file or directory Installation completed! Launch MANA by typing: 'launch-mana' in the terminal. Typing launch-mana doesnt work, installing the dependecies manually as suggested above gives th
  3. Thanks Quack!!!!!! Totally missed that! Worked for me!. Is it normal that when you plug the USB it gives an error now? It works normal but it gives an error, would it be safe to let windows fix the errors?
  4. Im still running into the redlight problem, what I did was similar to someone posting above Copied all files from tools_installer into payloads/switch1 and ejected the bunny switched to position 1 and plugged in When I'm using serial I can see it doesn't even create a /pentest folder.. on Kali and win10..
  5. Hahaha never thought of just starting the program :D you sir, you just made my day! Have a beer tonight on me man ;)
  6. Zylla, First of all major props for your work! Following the guide i get a /usr/lib/opkg/info/hostapd-mana.list / asleep.list no such file or directory when trying to install. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks again!
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