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  1. I recently bought the new essentials filed kit form the hakshop https://hakshop.com/collections/hak5-field-kits/products/hak5-essentials-field-kit I looked at the hak5 youtube channel to see some hacks for the rubber ducky how they work and the creation process but and I liked the idea of the 15 Second Password Hack, Mr. Robot Style - Hak5 2101 as well as the 2 and 3 second hash hacks but there was one major problem for me throughout these video Darren used a web server with a web browser interface to hold the hashed files and the hack files like the rx.php and im.pxl. I was wondering how I can make a web server just a carbon copy of his (obviously different site name) so I can view it on a browser like chrome or firefox form any location with the ssh capabilities and console access so i can get the hack running like he did because that was a struggle for me and I probably doing something wrong and cant make one. This is a really cool hack especially because it can be simplified to 2 seconds possibly less, I'm just struggling to get the server to work. It would be nice if it could be made so its invisible like a vps. Preferably free Thanks Jsync
  2. Finally I went to check again and it works now and i typed in the details identically as before. Also is DHL Express (4 day business shipping) the only shipping option available.
  3. That is unusual i have tried multiple addresses and none of them allow me to buy the pine but i can buy anything else on the hakshop
  4. Im probably going to do that but my main concern is that i cant physically buy the any pineapple because im located in Australia
  5. Im using a netgear A6210 but it requires an installation could this be used for 2.4 and 5GHz network connection? https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-adapters/a6210.aspx?cid=wmt_netgear_organic#tab-techspecs Also I just checked the hackshop to see how much it was to order a nano since I live in Australia and due to the usd to aud money conversion I new I had to spend a bit more money but I typed in my address but for some reason I cant order it in Australia i have tried 3 addresses and none of them allow me to buy within Australia yet i can buy a duck, turtle or any accessory but not a pineapple?
  6. Would I be able to make the pine only allow access to specific devices so lets say there is 20 of us in a room would I be able to make so only 4 people had access to the pines vpn? Also is it possible to add a USB WiFi adaptor to the pine that has 2.4 and 5 GHz network access? I really considering getting the nano because it small and with all my books and stuff it would be a huge struggle to even imagine fitting a tetra into my school bag.
  7. We are going to be using the schools internet but power isnt that much of a problem do you reckon a nano could sustain a maximum of 8-10 devices
  8. If I was to get a tetra we would be able to be a bit spread out around our school (its really small) but with the nano that might not be possible
  9. Dont know exactly I wanna make it have openvpn so me and my friends will be able to use the vpn at school
  10. Do you know how many devices can connect to the pineapple nano and tetra
  11. This also might be a bit of a stupid question probably is but you need to connect it to a computer to code it and stuff you cant do it by the phone(Yes very stupid question)?
  12. I was going to buy a wifi pineapple nano or nano tactical and the book, I was wondering what are the differences between all the pineapple's (Nano Basic, Nano Tactical, Tactical Elite, Tertra basic and Tertra Tactical) which one of the five I should get? How many devices can connect to the different pines (iphones,android, windows pc, linux, macs)? Also is the pineapple book necessary?
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