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  1. 5 minutes ago, Just_a_User said:

    Rather than tell you, why not try it? You can run the LED command from SSH terminal and see results immediately.

    Really didn't know that I thought led only worked in a script thanks 

  2. Hi how do i get the police led sequence from the update flashes I want to implement this sequence into my payload, whats the code I need to write to get the sequence and how do I change the colours and the timing. Changing the colours and timing is just changing values but I don,t know how to recreate the police lighting.


  3. 6 minutes ago, Zylla said:

    You are correct. It takes care of being the mitm and logging automatically.
    Success will vary. Some units are patched against this attack (just as with the karma attacks), and some users will not accept the fake certificate.

    Many users though are foolish enough to just press continue when confronted with these "strange" certificate errors.

    But please. Do not start this attack in the middle of the city! You will then most likely be breaking several laws!
    Please ensure that you have the consent of every user that's nearby.

    ok thanks also one more quick question its 1am in Australia what logs and information will i obtain from mana also if possible could u link me mana toolkit for kali.


  4. 8 minutes ago, Zylla said:

    Hi Jsync!

    The script is not FINISHED per se. I'am still working on adding other other stuff to the launcher-script. Perhaps even a module?
    But it works.
    If you have tested MANA-Toolkit on Kali, you might have noticed that it has several launch-scripts.
    One script with NAT to MitM encrypted traffic, one with no NAT (noupstream) to launch attacks against corporate networks (EAP).
    I have a unstable build running at my office that works against EAP networks. And i'am going to add this function to the stable build when it's stable, and user friendly enough.

    You can still modify the script yourself to do EAP attacks. Every part of the MANA attack works on the Pineapples now, it's just that not every part of the attack is built into the launcher script yet.

    I have several projects i'am working on, and a family. "If only the days had more hours." 
    But it's progressing at least! :)

    Your last question: If you type launch-mana you will start the attack, and nearby clients might be tricked into connecting to your Pineapple. You will then be the MitM!
    sslstrip2, dns2proxy, sslsplit, and net-creds then takes care of fooling the clients to use a false certificate when using SSL/TLS, and then logs the output and credentials captured to :



    Just if i'm getting this wrong it does it all automatically yes?

  5. 50 minutes ago, Zylla said:

    Well, you could use it as a replacement for the Pineapple. Or any other router which you control, to the the MiTM.

    So it can do everything the pine can but doesn't that mean u would need to write the commands out yourself or could u make them executable and such I'm still a little confused and I can't seem to find much about other than its obvious file transfer feature and how it has openwrt ( should I create a topic instead of asking on your  mana attack  topic )

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Zylla said:

    Read my first post in this tread, it contains a procedure for installing it over SSH on you Tetra, or your Nano.

    About the ZSUN. You are correct, it's a wifi card reader, which actually contains a tiny "router" capable of running OpenWRT.

    Thanks I'll try it tomorrow when I get home from my holiday also what can be done with the ZSun and I know it can be used for file transfer and stuff but what else can it be used for cause u mentioned it to be a mini modem so what are its capabilities and other uses 

    Thanks Zylla 

  7. Hello anyone out there I just recently bought the Hak5 essentials get and couldn't wait to use it, when using the pineapple I ran into a major problem. I'm new to the Pineapple and have only owned it for a day and a half now and only used it twice. On the first night everything was working but I was struggling to get PineAP working, have connected clients (also how do I get connected clients) and getting any modules to work. But now I cant even get my Nano to connect to the internet these are my settings for windows 10 and load bulletins or download modules, also I can browse the different pages but nothing works without internet access. Finally I'd prefer to use windows as it just easier than having to use kali (kali on vmware)




    Please help as I have read the hak5 forums and cant seem to fix my problem I am probably forgetting something obvious but cant see it. I was really excited to get my hand on a pineapple but now I'm just sad that i cant get it to work.

    Thanks in advance. 

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