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  1. so I've gotten more into it and have been creating my own codes but for some reason today none will work i even tried to run the hello world script that they have on the site which yes i encoded with the duck tool encoder site
  2. so im tring omething else and it will flash green then go red what should i do i took a payload ran it through the encoder to a inject.bin file then put the micro sd card in the ducky and put the ducky into the computer
  3. Why is the light red on the rubber ducky and why isint it doing anything when i ask it to save do i have to download mimicatz
  4. i used a computer info payload to save to usb how do i get the information from it also does the ligjt turn green when its done collecting information
  5. for some reason i got it to work thank you very much for suggesting the payload i think i get it now
  6. I need help figuring out what to do i have no experience with the ducky and i can't even get it to run a hello world script please help
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