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  1. Anyone out there with the same problem on the Rubber Ducky? The Windows 7 box I'm testing it on does not give focus to the UAC popup and therefore I can't get past the UAC control and all my scripts that do anything useful always fail. I can't be the only one with this problem? It's not really a Ducky issue, as I can reproduce it typing the commands manually, but again, why does MY popup not have focus if everyone else's in the world does? I feel .... special.
  2. As a newbie to the wold of hacking, but with a strong technical and computer background, I'm not sure if I'm qualified to speak on this. With that said, I will open my mouth and perhaps sound like a fool: I was not enlightened by the book. Too thin, not detailed enough, doesn't go deeply enough and at the same time, doesn't offer much step by step instruction. In fact, it asked more questions than it answered. I am still unable to do anything 'useful' with my pineapple. Most features in the GUI are un-intuitive to me, seem to contradict settings in other pages, and are never explaine
  3. Broti, Thanks for the reply. No, unfortunately this isn't the case. I can reproduce the problem outside of Duck world simply by opening up the Run box and typing a typical command like: "powershell Start-Process notepad -Verb runAs" When I press Enter, after a short moment, a DOS window pops up, followed immediately by the UAC dialog box pop-up, but it does not have focus. I believe the DOS box has focus. Pressing 'n' or any of the arrow keys does nothing. What I can do is Alt-Tab until I manually see the UAC dialog gets focus, then I can press 'y' or use the arrow keys,
  4. I just got my new Ducky today but I'm getting no love with anything else but Hello World :( The problem seems to be the UAC security. I'm using Windows 7. The command ALT y does not work. It's not a delay issue, I played with that to all extents. It seems to be a focus problem where the ALT y is being sent to another window as the UAC Window does not have focus when it pops up. Am I the only one with this issue? Is there a reliable work around to bring focus to a specific window or anther fix? Without being able to get passed the UAC check, the Ducky would be rather Sucky.
  5. Don't hate me because I'm a Newbie. Whats worse, I don't really know Linux. I was hoping with the Nano I wouldn't need to SSH in. So scary! My question: Is there a resource that provides tutorials and more details on the many cool plug ins now available? I've seen everything I can find on YouTube but many of them are using a Linux command line shell and I am hoping that I can use the GUI on the Nano. There are so many cool things I know can be done with this unit but without knowing more I feel useless and sad :( Please point this geeky enthusiast to any Nano specific "co
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