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  1. Hello Darren It's clear now. Thanks you 🥳
  2. Beacons respond or Known beacons on wlan1 help wlan0 hostapd karma ? a lot ?
  3. Hello wlan0 has hostapd karma patch by digininja ? respond to probe request ? wlan1 (wlan1mon) pineap is here to double chance to get clients? with beacon respond ? ssid broadcast ? Scenario: wlan0 = 50% chance to get clients? 10,20, 30 clients in a crowd ? wlan0+wlan1 (pineap) = 70% chance to get clients? 30,40, 50 clients in a crowd ? So I could just run wlan0 ?
  4. Does anyone have an idea ?
  5. Hello Community! I'm trying to have a daily reboot @ 00h05 but no success.. I've put a cron into /etc/crontabs/ #DO NOT TOUCH BELOW 0 0/24 * * * /pineapple/modules/Reporting/files/reporting 5 0 * * * reboot #DO NOT TOUCH ABOVE Problems with root permission ?
  6. It works ! I simply 'del' everything inside /etc/ssmtp.conf copy/paste Bitxo configs then reboot at the end. Great Thanks, Domino
  7. Hello Sebkinne For me I'm on : 1.1.1 I've done the changes into /etc/ssmtp.conf @bitxo but no success again. Failed to send ! I'll reboot the device
  8. Thanks Foxtrot for your reply I've changed 587 to 465. The result it's the same. Failed to send email.
  9. Forget the error - no SD card found. The reports files correctly write into the /tmp/ folder
  10. Hello community I'm trying to send reports by email but no success. This is my configuration from the module From johndoe@gmail.com To johndoe@gmail.com SMTP Server smtp.gmail.com SMTP Port 587 Domain gmail.com Username johndoe@gmail.com Password johndoe_password Use TLS yes Use STARTTLS yes Also I've downgrade my security from Google Dashboard to use third party clients My log from /tmp/reporting.log 2016-10-27-20:00: Failed to save to SD card - no SD card found 2016-10-27-21:00: Failed to send email to johndoe@gmail.com 2016-10-27-21:00: Failed to save to SD
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