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  1. Awesome , Thank you. Will buy it today and give it a try.
  2. Thank you dre2007, I don't mind spending 100 bucks but yes, would love to know what exactly a device could do for me. As you mentioned "I agree that it isnt that usefull for cracking wpa2, however it is 1 of the options it offers." .... Will it be same thing like proving use with handshake and then leave us on our own with our wordlists :) or it could do any further/more other then BF. We can capture all traffic with wireshark, create twins with fluxion. See clients to any AP, De-auth clients, kill internet with aircrack suite and fluxion. so sorry :) but what nano will do for us ?
  3. Hi folks, I haven't bought this product yet, but i am really interested to buy it. But before actually buying it if some body can explain how it is helpful in wifi password cracking (specially WPA2)it would be great. In kali 2.0 with Alfa Wifi adapter: 1. Put alfa wifi adapter in monitor 2. start airmon-ng 3. capture packet of target 4. de-auth some client and capture the handshake when client connect to the AP 5. BF the captured handshacke with either aircrack-ng or hashcat (definately hashcat becuase with aircrack-ng you are not reaching anywhere.) becuase aircrack-ng is hell slow. BF is not useful at all these days, No-one is using those simple passwords at all and with minimum length of 8 characters for wifi even with hashcat (100,000 hashes per second) it need 22 days for a 8 character brute force. So the question is from above simple five steps in kali, how Nano is useful. At which step nano comes in and helps cracking WPA2 password. Thanks,
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