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  1. Hey guys, I recenlty bought a rubber ducky, all good with the delivery, it arrived on time. So I've watch quite a few tutorials on how to get started with rubber ducky etc but when i insert the payload it doesn't seem to load it. So to be sure i downloaded another payload from ducktoolkit.com which is suppose to be correct(from a proggramers view) but it didn't load either. So i thought maybe something was wrong with the sd card. I had a 2gb sd-card from my old phone, so i formatted it (Fat(the sd card that i received was formatted as FAT so i thought it should be the same format)) and tried it but it did not work either. Anyone know what the problem is? Is it possible that the ducky(hardware) is defect or is it a software problem? Anyone with similar experience? greetings, Henk
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