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  1. Hopefully this is correct place to ask... I've configured a cloned portal (portal auth) and I'm getting consistent results from the submitted forms but after the form is submitted I'm redirected to a page that says "You have not been authorized." Is this normal or is there another website that needs to be configured for the landing page? I can browse the Internet through the shared connection and I'm able to collect the data entered. I'd just like to give them a little warmer, fuzzier feeling that everything is OK and they can browse the Internet. Thanks.
  2. After attempts with three different SD cards with all of them showing similar results: a purpose purchased 32GB SanDisk that I picked up the day I received the Nano an old 2GB non-branded that I had in a PiZero that was working the last time I fired it up an old 64GB Patriot that I had in another PiZero W I had been playing with I finally went to the store and bought another 16GB SanDisk. I reset everything and formatted the card in the Nano. So far it seems more stable than the other cards so maybe I just have bad luck with wonky cards. I did have one failure to recog
  3. If it matters, I'm using a SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB Class 10 micro SD card. Give me a suggestion on what to try next and I'll order one.
  4. It's not that the suggestions don't work. I have the latest firmware on a newly purchased device. Formatting and starting again works fine. I just don't want to have to do that every time I power down and power up the device since the information on the SD card should be persistent and could represent a considerable amount of time to configure. If you get inconsistent results just from power cycling the device it doesn't make it very useful. Luckily, after about five reboots and SD card re-seatings, the SD card was recognized and I was able to pull copies of the data so I have good ba
  5. I've combed through three years of discussions about the problems encountered dealing with the SD card on the Nano. Countless suggestions to "format and start again." "Reset and start again." "It's fixed in the next firmware update." "It's a known bug." "It's hardware." I've been battling this same issue for a little over a month now. At what point is someone going to actually fix the problem? I would think for a $100 item, there would be some expectation of reliability and enough push from the community to actually resolve the problem instead of continuing to allow it to disru
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