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  1. Hello gentlemen and ladies of the internet, For a project of mine, i wish to combine these three. I have kali running in a vm with the laptop's built in wifi as main connection, and a addon card as wlan0/mon0. I can get mana running without any problems, but i have no idea how to make bdfproxy and evilgrade hook into it. Are there any good tutorials/graphs/books that can help me with this?
  2. My name is NuII, I'm a gamer, student and privacy advocate. Favourite game: minecraft/Far cry 3 Favourite OS: Arch linux (still a newb though) Favourite console: Nintendo 3ds Nationality: Dutch Accent: Dutch (i guess?) Sex: Male Race: White European Height: not a clue... Favourite band: Ac/Dc Favourite book: n/a Favourite author: j.k. rowling Favourite movie: Captain Philips Favourite TV Show: Mr. Robot Other hobbies: Trying to get 999 pokemon on pkmn Pearl, messing with engines Occupation: Studying
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