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  1. So typically I get the "Detected AP rate limiting, waiting for 60 seconds before re-checking" Problem is, other than the little rotating icon, its hard to tell if its doing anything. It did actually say it found a pin. But now I am having trouble logging into it so I can take a look at the log and see what it exactly said. It did give a pin and then gave some weird statement about it thinks that is the correct pin. I was in a rush so I didnt check to see if it would work. But of course now I cant get to the log. The UI is a pain in the ass. It did break a wep encrypted router (which I know isnt saying much, but I guess it did something). I changed my routers password to all As for WPA, but it couldnt break it. I am wondering if its time to abandon ship on this endeavor? Do you know what the WPS button on the Reaver itself is for? Is it simply just to connect to a WPS enabled router?
  2. Hello I had a quick request for help/info. So I recently pulled out my Reaver Pro II from the closet (I have a tendency to buy things with the intention of using them and then not...) Anyhoo, I have it out and I am using it on my wifi router. I have ran both of them (ehh embarrassing I have two) each for about 24 hours against the router with no success. Is this just a case of WPS moving pass the point that the raver pro II is effective? Or am I doing something wrong? It sees the network and is going through all the motions of attacking it, but it doesnt get past that. Like I said I have ran for about 24 hours each and neither work. One has the older UI on it and one has the newer UI. Any info on where to find info on the reaver or sw updates or anything would be appreciated. Thanks.
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