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  1. Cheers. Yes literally just go into this and thought pineaplle would be a great starting point to learn actively. I have googled these but other sites arent down to the point and also it would be a good idea for newbie hak users to stick to this site as it helps grow a forum and its user base. Really we should have a few newbie stickies like very basic things but I've already learnt quite a bit playing around with it
  2. as a newbie I'm finding it very difficult to actually understand what the modules do and how they can be used. From what I can see all modules are community based projects (thank you to those who have taken their time for this), however, when introducing these modules I don't see basic information like what the module is for, what it can do, or what it's predecessor was called etc so I can go find information. For example when I use occupineapple I can use it fine, I can see ssids broadcasted but upon selecting those networks on my phone I can't actually get network, so I'm thinking what is the purpose of broadcasting multiple SSIDs, without have a client connect? Unless the purpose of this is something else but in the module page there is no information as such, this is the same for other modules as well. I am saying this as a complete newbie.
  3. I've had a play around with my tetra and so far am happy with it. Have a few questions: Can reaver crack encrypted wifi? If I already know wifi password can I use the tetra to sniff credentials of those already on the same encrypted wifi? Can I deauth someone from an encrypted wifi over and over so they look at using open wifi? Or is this part of the four/six way handshake In terms of mobile data canany of this data be sniffed with any modules? I assumed that the pineapple can do this but it doesn't seem to, can someone point me to the right module: Device broadcasts remembered ssid...open and encrypted Tetra reads this and responds The two pair up Currently all im seeing from pineap is thw broadcast of nearby wifis and i can spoof this and then user manually connects
  4. Disregard the above I have got it to finally work, thanks for all your help.
  5. Thanks for the steps guys but the main problem I have here I actually cannot select Ethernet 2 here, there is no drop-down nor can I type into the field. What I tried to do was rename Ethernet 2 to Ethernet and vice versa but this automatically changed within the wifi sharing setting too. I don't understand why I can't select this in the video guide I also saw that he had a drop-down
  6. Cheers just tried this but doesn't work, didn't think getting wifi on such a device would be such a pain
  7. I followed this guide: https://www.hak5.org/episodes/pineapple-university/windows-internet-connection-sharing-wifi-pineapple-mark-v-pineapple-university still no joy. I'm missing something, please see images of my set-up: http://pasteboard.co/dOZFbOBOC.jpg http://pasteboard.co/dP0bNbDNs.jpg http://pasteboard.co/dP100p3f4.jpg http://pasteboard.co/dP1jHPZkB.jpg
  8. Hi, when trying to connect to a wifi point I get to see my pineapple on there and can connect to it. The other options work as in scan etc and because I'm a new user I assume both these must mean the console has internet access to it?
  9. Hi I get this error message, my internet connection is fine and performs recon and other pineap from what I can see: Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection.
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