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  1. Hi everyone, want to make sure I am thinking this is capable. I want to place my Packet Squirrel at home on a Verizon network say Public WAN IP of I have my OpenVPN Access Server configured at Public IP I am at a remote location with a computer on a Public IP of Can I connect to the OpenVPN Access Server and have all my traffic routed out of the original Verizon network at I get that I could access local devices on that network but I'm hoping to be able to have all my traffic pass through the packet squirrel so that if I use a geotargetted service or even IP targetted (ie: Verizon Streaming TV) it comes from my home address. I know if I was running my OpenVPN AS there it would be fine, but curious if I can have it go out the squirrel's DHCP connection on that home LAN. Thanks!
  2. Installed on my nano and had a few comments to share or get feedback on. First thanks for the hard work of getting this going, much appreciated for my testing. 1.) Output on the nano seems different from various tutorials I've been watching (maybe they were for SSLStrip though). Output will show me accessing a page but not show my clear text POST data. However if I download my history I can see it right there. This may be as intended, just thought it was worth mentioning. Actually entering the dummy clear text information does have problems that are stated below. 2.)I am currently having problems with it actually working to silently strip SSL. I have test servers with valid SSL certs installed (no HSTS) and it still gives me a security warning on my device connected through PineAP. Big red error about connection not private and cert is invalid. I get the not being able to work on HSTS sites but sites not using that technology I'm still just getting SSL warnings. Is there some other dependency that needs to be installed for this to work? Testing it while tethered to a PC sharing internet connection. Thanks for any feedback.
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