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  1. is that the reason why a need the third usb antenna? To share internet without the usb cable ?
  2. mmm you would need a expensive battery to do that, but i'm pretty sure it won't fit on the tactical case. It would be interesting to get something that last 8 or 10 hours mine last 3.30hs, sometimes 4 hours
  3. I got the tactical elite version so i got a RaLink RT5370 to connect with the internet, without any issues The thing is that if i connect to the nano using the Management AP SSID, sometimes i get internet, sometimes not but when someone access with the Open AP SSID or thoug the "Beacon Response" , there is no way to get internet How do i share internet on those situations? I use Wlan2 to connect to a router with internet or to share internet from my phone using the RaLink RT5370 attached to the nano.
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