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  1. Maybe not related, but in order to get mitmf running on kali i had to downgrade twisted by issuing following commands: pip freeze | grep twisted pip uninstall twisted pip install twisted==15.5.0
  2. So what kind of packets beeing send that a client gets listed as 'unassociated' ?
  3. Your phone is searching for wifi.networks to which it connected once. This intervall can't be influenced from the outside.
  4. Yeah all those wifi recon, beacon replay and access point creation things work like a charm with the nano. i am wondering why people want mitm/ettercap functionality directly on their pineapple because if a client is connected to your device you are allready MiTM, right? No need for arp spoofing the routes any more. With this ip.tables hack mentioned in the linked blog post @ evilsocket.net you can fully benefit of the power of your kali. My tests with bettercap and the integrated proxy, dns and sslstrip functionality were successful and reliable. We need a list of all ports that should get redirected to use all sniffing parsers of bettercap (FTP, Teamviewer, MySql, Irc, FTP, WhatsApp...)
  5. The computing power of the nano is not capable of handling b/ettercap mitmf multiple connections so you have to redirect http/s traffic onto your attacker machine to manipulate the traffic. Here is a good starting point: https://www.evilsocket.net/2016/09/15/WiFi-Pineapple-NANO-OS-X-and-BetterCap-setup/
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