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  1. No, this blanket answer is unacceptable. you see pipe, many of the WINDOWS users on this page are struggling to get bulletin updates(on dashboard) AFTER they have switched their adapter options(like the video you posted shows.) This was also my issue but I have resolved it. WINDOWS USERS: If you have failed to get bulletin updates after following and replicating the youtube link, then you need to do some steps first. First, you must disable sharing in your wifi settings under the network sharing tab. click ok. Once in this disabled configuration, plug in the nano. Return to the window prior and enable network sharing and selecting the pineapple as the adapter in the small drop down menu(like in the video.) click ok. this will reset the ip address on the nano so IT IS CRUCIAL TO DO THE WIFI NETWORK SHARING SETTINGS FIRST THEN ADJUST THE NANO PROTOCOLS. Once all settings are complete, like in the video, reboot the nano by clicking the 'X' in the top corner of the dashboard page.
  2. Q: how to get bulletin updates Running on Windows...my nano is connected and is able to scan. I am able to fill my ssid pool... What needs to happen to allow my nano to connect with the pineapple home website (not the ip address to receive updates and to download tools. Thanks
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