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  1. is there a way to go back to v3?
  2. im having all kinds of problems. https://imgur.com/a/niyfT and the connection keeps resetting. when i click on one of those modules to configure... nothing happens
  3. also when clicking configure for one of the modules that do not show a description it does nothing but moves the highlighted option to the first option of 'back'
  4. also v4 shows no description of modules https://imgur.com/a/ZacJk - uri error and reset connection https://imgur.com/a/niyfT - module descriptions missing NOTE: Running V4
  5. When i SSH into the turtle after about 30 seconds it will reset the connection, if i am browsing the internet it will tell me there has been a change in my network connection. Any idea? running v4
  6. Here is the picture http://imgur.com/a/aBOJI
  7. You need to put it in the same folder as the program.bat . once you do that then it will flash. Worked for me... but i did get this error
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