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  1. Thanks again. I'm actually a sixth form design student, so what I'm looking to make is a functioning prototype and a final consumer level non-functioning model. Once again, your advice is indeed appreciated and will surely feature in the existing solutions portion of my coursework
  2. Thanks so much for contributing. Damn, that sounds alot more complicated than I was hoping for tho. Wind doesnt really work the unit has to be very compact, like a laptop sized pelican case, I still gotta make a working prototype. I sincerely appreciate your 2 cents, dont hesitate to message me or reply again if you want to further contribute to this project.
  3. I'm trying to mod a sim based hotspot. I want to take the reuter which is somewhat fragile and not at all impervious to the elements and place it in a rugged waterproof case eg a pelican case with a larger antenna eg 35 dbi antenna, a large battery bank eg 20000mAh and a small solar array to charge the battery during the daytime. The goal is to have as simple a main interface as possible eg a single toggle switch which allows the reuter to broadcast 802.11 wifi while the battery is on and being charged by the solar panel. The help I need is in sourcing the parts (excluding the reuter which I have and the antenna) and designing the circuitry necessary to create a fuctioning version of this idea. Please dont hesitate to reply
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