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  1. You wouldn't have to give it out to everyone, just me... maybe I could PM you one of my emails addresses? I only want to use it for F@H, I promise. I have no interest in cracking, only helpig out with F@H. (My grandfather died of cancer.)
  2. OK, I just readthe EULA and e wouldn't like that. How about a thing that does it for "testing purposes only"?
  3. I've already made it so that it installls F@H on any machine I plug it in to. I want to make a USB Hacksaw-like thing to that whenever somebody else plugs their USB drive into any affected computer it's infected, and it becomes a sort of F@H "wurm" (USB worm).
  4. I need help making this: I'm making my flash drive have a USB swithblade on it that does nothing but install Folding@Home, and I want it to spread to other computers. Is there any way I can do this without installing USB hacksaw (I don't want to look at other people's stuff)?
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