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  1. rubber ducky german

    You can make it use the German keyboard layout. java -jar encode.jar -i inject.txt -l de
  2. If you're using the GB keyboard layout, use something like this: java -jar encode.jar -i inject.txt -l gb By default, it uses the US keyboard layout.
  3. [Firmware] Ducky HID WSI

    Introduction Ducky HID WSI is HID-only firmware for the USB Rubber Ducky based off of midnitesnake's Ducky_HID firmware (clicky). WSI is short for 'with status indication'. This firmware is like the one that comes with the USB Rubber Ducky but it uses the LEDs to show when it's in the injecting keystrokes stage and when it's complete. LED indications Red with green slightly flashing :: keystroke injection stage Flashing green :: starting; finished Red :: unable to use/access file Download The firmware is available to download from the release section in the GitHub repository.