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  1. Brilliant. I'll definitely go about it that way. Thank you for you thoughts. I'll keep you posted if interested in how this plays out.
  2. Thank you both for responding! Is it possible to get much information on who the email address belongs to? Or any way of identifying the person? Don't apologize I appreciate the time you took. I do have a block caller (which is now being used). However, I still had the suspicion of investigating who it was. If anyone has an idea of how to go about that. Somehow cracking their password and getting in the email or IP address list of the devices or locations the email has been accessed from? Something anything to pin point their identify to an extent a thing least. Thanks again! ps I'll provide the email if anyone wants it. Pretty sure I won't be pleased with who it is anyway.
  3. I am getting FaceTime calls from people I don't know. They are using an email address that isn't linked to any social media that I can find. How (if possible) can I get the IP address of the device calling? Or any other form of reverse tracing? Any help is greatly appreciated friends. Cheers, trolltsky
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